Transportation & Fleet Management

Fleet operations, fleet management, vendor-managed inventory, maintain vehicles and equipment, distribution management, warehousing servicesMancon is dedicated to providing logistical support to all fleet management customers whether they operate out of one location or several throughout a region, state or the nation. We deliver what our customers need, when and where they must have it, every time.

Mancon supports various fleet operations in the transportation arena such as airport fleet support vehicles, military base operating equipment, and statewide road maintenance vehicles and equipment for states’ Department of Transportation. Mancon provides the customized approach for complete supply chain management solution, distribution management, vendor-managed inventory, customer-managed inventory, and warehousing services. Our flexibility and responsiveness are legendary in the industry, and our customers know they have direct access to the company president for immediate response. In any organization, over time requirements change. Mancon recognizes this and works with our customers to address their particular needs.