Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Customized 3PL solutions, customer managed inventory, vendor-managed inventory, consigned inventory, supply management, distribution management

Flexible 3PL Solutions

Logistical needs are defined differently by virtually every organization. Our ability to identify, design and customize a unique solution is what enables Mancon to be an industry leader in meeting customers’ logistics requirements.

Mancon currently supports various federal, state, municipal and commercial customers by providing customized 3PL solutions in such areas as customer managed inventory, vendor managed inventory, consigned inventory, supply management, and distribution management.

Mancon has fashioned 3PL solutions for such industries as manufacturing, ship building/repair, specialty hydraulics, and fleet maintenance. Our customers range in size from small local companies to large nationwide corporations. No matter the size or complexity, however, we tailor a fiscally sound solution and deliver unsurpassed value during execution.